Naming Ceremonies

The Naming Ceremony reminds all concerned of the great responsibility taken on by everyone who is involved in raising a child, firstly the parents and then the guardians, godparents and grandparents. As it is more and more recognised that it is the ‘village’ that raises the child, it is appropriate to have a celebration to welcome the child into its social group. This can be done with numerous gentle rituals such as inscribed blessing messages, release of balloons and sharing of food. Sometimes members of the family like to write verse in commemoration of the event, and all sorts of other creative ventures in both music and the visual arts can be considered.

Your celebrant will act as Master of Ceremonies on the day, and help you to create what for you is the perfect way to welcome your child into the social group. Specially designed certificates can be issued to mark the event. Please call or e-mail me for further information.



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