You will be choosing the site of your ceremony which most closely reflects the vision you want to create at this special time: it might be a park, a marquee, reception centre chapel, your home, a river bank or even a beach. The choices are unlimited, and only need to be backed up with a Plan B in case of bad weather on the day.

I am happy to accommodate any unusual requests such as a marriage ceremony on board a helicopter or hot air balloon, or deep in a State forest at dawn for instance.

Please request the loan of my helicopter wedding DVD which will answer many of your questions about such an exciting event.

Overseas couples wishing to marry in Australia are invited to discuss all options with me. There are innumerable, beautiful, memorable places to be married in magical Canberra. Just tell me your preferences and I will help you design the perfect ceremony in the perfect location.

I am happy to assist with a covering letter to the relevant Australian Embassy overseas regarding your planned marriage arrangements if you are in the process of applying for your fiance/ee's visa.

Most of my ceremonies are performed in Canberra and suburbs. I am also happy to go anywhere in Australia by arrangement.


helicopterhelicopter wedding
Rosie and David
Airborne ceremony as seen on
Channel 7 Morning Show 7th March '08



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